DW Sports Massage

DW Sports Massage

Why Book a Corporate Well-Being Workshop?

As a business owner/employer, you are responsible for the day to day physical and mental wellbeing of your workforce.

The stress and strain of the work environment in the 21st Century can have a detrimental impact on employee health and wellbeing. This is in turn can impact negatively on employee productivity and efficiency.

Introducing your employees to a remedial or sports massage can help employees:

- Alleviate daily postural aches and pains

- Reduce stress and anxiety

- Reduce chronic fatigue

- Improve posture and sleep patterns

- Improve concentration levels

A bespoke corporate workshop for your employees can include the following;

- 121 postural assessments

- Individual massage treatments

- Group desk based stretching routines

- Self care advice

Book a wellbeing session for your employees with DW Sports Massage today.

Prices provided on request.

Half Day and Full Day Packages Available